The following is a sampling of the services we can provide:


·         Evaluation and study of existing food service programs to develop a plan for future construction needs.

·         Assessment of existing kitchen areas and equipment.

·         Existing condition drawing.

·         Schematic design of food service area(s).

·         Preliminary sketch of new food service area layout(s).

·         Consultation with Owner.

·         List of new equipment and manufacturer’s catalog cuts (hard copy or electronic).

·         Budget estimate for new equipment (hard copy or electronic).

·         Complete layout drawing(s) (AutoCAD format).

·         Mechanical point of connection drawings showing utilities for the various pieces of equipment (AutoCAD format).

·         Coordination with Mechanical, Plumbing and Electrical Engineers.

·         Complete equipment specifications (hard copy or electronic).

·         Bidding and contract award evaluation.

·         Review of submittals from successful Food Service Equipment Contractor (hard copy or electronic).

·         Final inspection of work completed by Food Service Equipment Contractor and punch list preparation.